Tenet 4: Health 3.0 balances part and whole

Tenet 4: Health 3.0 balances part and whole. All things are parts of a whole. We find this understanding everywhere from the perennial philosophy of the world’s religious traditions, and the secular Stoicism of Marcus Aurelius, to the transpersonal teachings of Ken Wilber. In the world of biology, for example, atoms are

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Tenet 1: Health 3.0 embraces uniqueness

Tenet 1: Health 3.0 embraces uniqueness. Uniqueness, not separateness. Separate and unique aren’t the same thing. By separate I mean independent but disconnected. Unique means independent AND connected. Health 1.0 is the practice of medicine that’s independent and separated from a unified health care system. Health 2.0 looks to bring all the

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